June 18, 2012


To whom it may concern:


I first met Jan Paepke on my arrival at Prievidza, Slovakia, in the summer of 2010. We were designated by the officials of the 2010 World Gliding Championships as chief scrutineers of the contest. It was soon apparent that the organizers had fitted a very competent individual into a demanding job. While he had not worked this particular task prior to this contest, he proved quick to adapt to the demands of the job.


Throughout the contest Jan impressed me with his patience and skill in understanding the needs of both the competitors and the organization. He was adept at setting up the necessary inspection stations and manned them with efficiency and good humour. He was confident in his role.


Jan also added to the contest with his technical knowledge, assisting both the organization and the competitors. When it became apparent his technical skills were needed Jan was quick to volunteer solutions.


It was a pleasure to both meet and work with Jan and I am confident you will find him a asset in your organization.


Art Grant

PO Box 1066

Carberry, Manitoba

Canada R0K 0H0  




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